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Take a look at the Harrop's Hairwing Dun and Mercer's Missing Link - both tied by Charlie C.

Hairwing Dun:

http://www.charliesflyboxinc.com/upl...g Dun (12).jpg

Missing Link:

http://www.charliesflyboxinc.com/upl... jpegs (1).jpg

What do they have in common with the E/C Caddis?

What was it that Swisher & Richard's said in "Selective Trout" (ppgs. 23-26) about the first thing a Trout sees when a fly enters it's cone of vision?

Good point. The hair wing on the Missing Link may indeed be noticed by trout at it enters the window, but Mike Mercer stated it was really to aid visibility for the angler. The zelon represents the spent wing of the egg layer.