-My replacement section for the VXP was wrapped and finished a couple weeks ago. A new pair of Rocsocs came to my door a week ago. I was unable to get out to use them. Global Tides app said today would be ideal (winds SE, waves .7ft). I had no obligations, finally, so I called my fishing buddy and we hit the beach. Finally.

The fish were there. Some took my fly. Others fled in terror from it.

My fishing buddy! I build that rod for him a decade ago for his birthday. I suffered a brain aneurysm one week before that day (ten years ago, June 28th!). When I finally came to, that's all I was concerned with. In fact, my first words were an apology for not giving it to him on time! He said "That's okay, son". Anyways, he got some...

I know some of you recognize the background. Shhhhhhh.

When I got home, the mailman had left me my next project. Handle kit arrived as well. Just waiting on the guides. I'm giving in to the saltwater 5 wt. trend.