If you have an interest in the history of Tenkara I think you will find this 52 minute video well worth watching.
It appears to me to be a combination of 2 or three shorter Japanese language videos I have seen before, but this one has a lot, a lot , of additional material added. And it has English subtitles. So now I know what was being said in the earlier videos, and no longer need to rely only on my attempts to translate the intermittent Japanese text shown on the videos.

If you watch this video, I think you will be glad later that you did.


I only saw one thing in the video I think is not accurate. Near the end of the video, to me at least, they seem to imply that Daniel Galhardo became intrigued with Tenkara after meeting Dr Ishigaki at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum and hearing the story of tenkara and seeing the demonstration. But I think that is not correct. I believe Daniel has started TUSA several months before meeting Dr Ishigaki at the CFFCM, and thereafter Dr Ishigaki became his mentor.

I must give credit for finding this video to Peder, a participant on another tenkara forum. He initially found a shorter version of this video on tv.shimano. Which lead to me discovering this longer version.