Down through fly fishing history the caddisflies or sedges as they were long referred to in England and even in America, with the exception of a specific hatch or two the caddis were always regarded as the second class citizens, so to speak.

However over a period of years this view began to change as several fly fishing authors began to realize the importance of the caddis hatches on various waters.

Many of the historical volumes related patterns and methods of fishing the sedge or caddis hatches, however for this missive we are only going to refer to volumes by American fly fishing authors, with one notable exception and with two exceptions the volumes all refers to books published from 1972 to 2009 and who contributed to the increase in knowledge of the art of caddisfly fishing. The books that I will be referring to are all volumes which give excellent coverage to caddis flies, it is interesting to note that very few books have been dedicated to the caddis flies.