Your writings is always so thoughtful and on target. I am one of those people you mention in your article who prefers small gathering and solitude especially at my age. I am not normally a joiner or serious public advocate of issues, but things are happening that will seriously impact everything I have been raised to think is right.

One in particular is the assault on the AuSable river in Michigan that I have grew to love and call my second home. The Grayling Fish Hatchery and it's owner, Vogler, has received a permit to increase fish production from 20,000 lbs to 300,000 lbs per year without adequate environmental quality considerations for water discharge into the AuSable River. The Anglers of the AuSable organization is currently challenging this decision in court. If Vogler is allowed to proceed without installation of proper water quality equipment, tons of bad water will be discharged into the river destroying trout and the insects they feed on. This action could destroy the already fragile environment in the Holy Waters and eventually destroy the entire fishery. Not only will it negatively impact the overall economy of the Grayling area, it will impact property values along the river and take us back 100 years. With all of that said, I have become and advocate against this destructive action by supporting the opposition financially. Rusty Gates will come back to haunt us if we don't fight this with every fiber. This is only one example of government policies that are killing everything we have known to be great about this country. Hopefully, our case will be won, but you never know.