NEW BEGINNINGS - Ladyfisher reprint

New beginnings are wonderful. There is always a sense of optimism and hope.

Each time we go fishing it's a new beginning. A chance to correct what we did wrong the last time, try a different fly, work on our presentation, fish a new place, extend our horizons. The success of our outing is in our own hands and capabilities to persevere. If we have success we smile, and walk a little taller. Our fishing success, in other words, is our responsibility. What we do is who we are. The fish need to co-operate, and fishing in fishless water is an exercise in futility. To avoid that we do our homework and try to fish where fish reside. We do a number of other things to help increase our odds. Some of us even have a lucky hat or fly to protect us against those things which keep luck from smiling on our endeavors. But the final responsibility for our fishing success is the same as it is in all of our daily lives.