Now's the time to restock those pouches and bins that were depleted throughout the warm-water months. One of which for me was my leader pouch. 90% of my bass fishing is done with a simple hand-furled mono leader. Last season I began adding the micro-swivels for ease of tippet management.

I twist mine with 16 feet of 12# Trilene Big Game Green. Which provides me with a 5'6" tapered leader with a 12# looped-swivel termination. Perfect for a 3-to-4 foot 8# or 10# tippet.

The leaders are nearly indestructible and cast perfectly on my 6wt & 7wt glass rigs. The swivels are optional and are on about 50% of my leaders. Without them I use a simple overhand loop on my tippet with a handshake connection.

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