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    Default Kebari of Mr Fuji Hiromichi

    I always find it interesting to see the kebari tied by the well known and respected Japanese Tenkara anglers.
    One of them would be Mr Fuji Hiromichi ( 冨士弘道氏) who assist U-Nissin in the development of many of their tenkara rod designs, makes the tapered lines in their Fujiryu (Fuji style) line series, (冨士流テンカララインシリーズ ),

    and ties all the Kebari sold by U-Nissin
    冨士流テンカラ毛鈎シリーズ Fuji Style Tenkara Kebari Series

    Christophe Laurent made a nice blog post about him and his kebari on December 13th. Kebari he exchanged with Mr Fuji, during his visit to Japan earlier this year.

    Japan Kebari : Hiromichi Fuji

    Earlier in the year on April 23d, Akai Kitsune, aka Uberto Callligarich - posted a nice video ( I Maestri della Tenkara - HIROMICHI FUJI) in which you can see him tying a couple of his kebari. They are similar to some of the kebari in the Tenkaraenso blog post, just different colors were used.

    I've posted these links elsewhere before, but it's a little different membership here, and I thought perhaps members here who are not members of other forums and haven't seen them might like them.

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