That does look like a nice intro into Tenkara. I too recently got into Tenkara with a rod marked down a fair amount from the name-brand outfits, though not as good a deal as it looks like you got. Yours looks close enough to mine that it may have come from the same assembly line except for the brand markings. Mine came complete with furled line, tippet material and several flies. I haven't tried level line yet, either mono or running line from an old fly line, but I can comment on the 12' furled leader that came with my outfit.

The furled leader is very lightweight. As such, it can be used for very delicate presentations. It also requires a lot of patience to avoid tailing loops; like make a backcast, check my watch, count to three, exhale, then start the forward cast. Maybe not quite that slow, but it's pretty slow. It also does not cast heavy flies, like size 8 woolly buggers, very gracefully for the same reason. But for wets, dries, and small nymphs, it's perfectly fine.

Congratulations on the new rod!