Because tenkara fishing is fairly new in the United States, one topic that is not often addressed is the durability of tenkara-style rods. Like most tenkara enthusiasts, I own several rods of various weights and price points. Also, some of my rods have a glossy finish, while others have a matte finish. Some have cork handles, other rods use different materials. How do these factors affect durability under normal use? What is your experience? (Of course, one person's "normal use" is another person's "abuse".) For example, when I'm kayak fishing, I usually reach for one of my heavier, less-expensive rods, which is not as much fun to cast but which seems a little better suited for the normal knocks and slaps of boat fishing. Also, there has to be balance here: A rod that is extremely light and beautiful may or may not be as durable as another rod. Also, accidents happen. If you step on a tip, almost no rod will stand up to that accident. Another type of "accident" is when a stream that normally yields only 6-inch bluegills suddenly produces a three-pound largemouth that engulfs your fly! Again, I was wondering about the experience of others. I'm wondering if certain brands are noted for their durability and if others fall short in that category?