So far...mine has held up very well. And thats with some abuse by a 12yr old. I do caution him not to use the rod to free the fly from the bottom or branches and brush. Take a breath, and grab the line wherever possible.

It reminds me of when "noodle" rods became the hot item among steelheaders. Everybody began building spinning rigs on long fly rods. And when they started breaking them complained that fly rods were just too weak for steelhead. Oddly enough fly fishermen were not breaking rods on steelhead? It's about habits and the requirements of the gear most times.

However, Tenkara adds a new twist. The telescoping nature of the rod does add another weak link, that you need to remain conscious of IMO. They are structurally strong when a given section is flexed end-to-end. But when flex is applied to the tip directly to a point in between the 2 does not retain that strength.

It is however a great rod regardless. But like any piece of gear, it has its limitations.