n this installment we are going to sink our teeth into the Sharks that the angler might encounter while fishing in the saltwater and offer some suggestions on how to catch these toothy and dangerous sport fish.
Now before I go any further I am going offer some advice on fishing and wading around sharks. Over the years I have read several articles about fishing around sharks where the author fails to give a warning about the potential danger. Sharks are eating machines and they are dangerous creatures who should be treated with caution. Unless you want to suffer an encounter of the wrong kind which could really ruin your day I will offer this advice; Wading at dusk and dawn is unwise even in clear water as your visibility is reduced and this is a time period when certain species of sharks are out cruising and feeding. Wading in murky or discolored water at anytime is foolish and wading in any water with a stringer of fish attached to you is just plain stupid! Anglers have told me that they have waded all their lives and never have had any problems and my reply to this is that it only takes one bad encounter to ruin your day.