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    I've often seen Hokkaido on NatGeo or similar places and thought that is a place I'd like to visit. The link below is from a commercial site that seems to sale and or make canvas bags, bicycles, and the Sakura Kongo tenkara rods. The link is to their fishing report section. Lots of pictures and short videos of tenkara fishing there.

    It reminds me somewhat of fishing the Cranberry River here at home. Small brushy river where the easiest way to get to the middle part of the river is to bring a bicycle and enter by the south entrance gate. The north entrance is one of those tricky places where the walk down to the river is long and steep, but when you walk back out it magically became 2x as long and 2x as steep.

    You can find more images of tenkara fishing in Hokkaido by doing a google search with the following phrases.
    北海道でテンカラ釣り = Tenakra fishing in Hokkaido
    北海道テンカラツアー = Hokkaido Tenkara Tour.

    fwiw, 北海道 Hokkaido is literally; 北 North/Northern + 海 Sea/Ocean + 道 Road/the way

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