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Thread: Some Day Your Story Will Be Told

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    Default Some Day Your Story Will Be Told

    This morning I was gearing up to go fishing. It was still dark and cold. I turned the smallest light on in the house so I wouldn't wake my family. The morning light was not bright but the tiny light shined quite brightly on me and I evaluated myself and my gear..

    When I looked at my gloves, I thought they were terribly inadequate with all their holes and wear marks. The light bulb in my head went on. I was just like my gloves.

    Fifty years of fishing in the driftless area has a way of wearing your equipment out and indirectly wearing you out. My recent surgeries have had me feeling just like that worn and tattered glove.

    I still look on the horizon and think about the next big trout. I may be tattered and worn but I can still dream.
    When you arise in the morning, think of what a
    precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think,
    to enjoy, to love.
    - Marcus Aurelius

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    " I may be tattered and worn but I can still dream"
    always believe it
    Fight for a just cause. Love your Fellow Man. Live a Good Life.--- Peace...

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    Spinner .... when I first read your words "I may be tattered but I can still dream" I thought of Norm McClean,at the end of The Movie, tying on a fly, and reminiscing about his life.

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