I'm not a Twitter ,Facebook guy. But today for the first time in months I took a look at a few twitter accounts I check now and again and I discovered that Paul Gaskell and the Discover Tenkara guys in the UK will be launching Discovering Tenkara Vol 2 Japanese Kebari patterns & principles DVD and Blu-ray disc this week end at the BFFI.

I was familiar with the BFI, which I first encountered in Freeport Maine 25 years ago on a motorcycle trip. I was first told its common name, is the Big __ Indian. ( I'm sure you can figure it out) Later I was told the official name is the Big Freeport Indian.

But what is the BFFI ? Well its the British Fly Fair International. Which will be this weekend.

The announcement about the new DVD was posted on Paul Gaskell's Twitter account on 4 Feb, with a post on 5 Feb that included pictures of Vol 2. The claim that it is the first tying video is a bit of a stretch because Tying Tenkara Flies Vol 1 came out a couple of years ago, that predominately featured Chris Stewart. I guess their out in Paul's post he calls it the - First Fly Fishing/Tying documentary. Since it does state it was filmed in Japan and the UK I do expect to see both fishing and kebari tying sections on this video. Paul does have up a short fly first video on vimeo posted 4 months ago which I suspect may also be on the DVD.

I know I will look forward to getting this DVD when it becomes available. Hopefully it wont be to long before it is available in NTSC format. Unfortunately I did not see any notice if the initial release would only be in PAL format or if PAL and NTSC formats would released at the same time. At least I am assuming that Vol 1 in NTSC format sold in numbers that justify making both formats available.


The Fly First Cast

I did not see any announcement about it yet on the discovertenkara webpage.