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Sore subject. ...... trying to save one day by altering standard procedures can cost two months.
In 1994 at a company meeting we were told about the emergence of the Virtual Corporation. Before being ordered the product wouldn't exist on the shelf waiting to be shipped, which would require a lot of overhead expenses; a warehouse, people or robots to run the warehouse, and need to be annually inventoried, and have taxes paid on existing products, etc. The product would only exist as software until the product was actually ordered.

An example of how it was supposed to work- guy would order something from a store in the USA, the order would go out via the internet to the factory in say Japan, where computer driven machines would make the product over night, and the next day it would be shipped via FedEx and received the next day. The vision was an average of 48 to 72 hours from the time the order was placed until the product was delivered. 20 years on and still waiting for the Virtual Corporation to exist as predicted.

Your experience shows what happens when you change just one simple procedure, no wonder they can not yet change the entire procedure. After 200 years the Luddites still live in spirit. I hope it's all sorted out now.