The catalog is of course all in Japanese, except for the front cover, and the labels at the top of each page. I'm posting it mostly because it so well designed it is fun to leaf through. The Tenkara rods are on page 51-52. The top of page 52 however has a misprint as it is labeled Tanago rods. Seiryu rods follow the Tenkara rods, and the various PALS products are on the last pages. There are 92 pages including the back cover page.

It is easy to figure out how to navigate from page to page with the icons in the navigation box at the bottom of the page. It is complete with the sound of paper pages being flipped. And if opened to a page of interest that page alone can be opened in Adobe format in a new browser window. Just click the Adobe icon in the lower left and a popup window opens. Select whether you want the left or the right side page to open in the popup window, then click the Adobe icon in the popup window, and the Adobe page will open in a new browser tab. It is a very well designed ebook.

2014-15 ebook catalog:

page 51 in pdf:

page 52 in pdf: