Andy Kurth and I typically go out for opening Saturday.

No need to hit the water early.
Water will be too cold early.
There will be no green like pictured above

Fast water will be out
trout won't struggle to hold in fast
expending too much energy for reward

Targeting thermals is good idea.
small springs feeding in like one
above on the left could be loaded
with trout.

Fall holding places like this one will
be too shallow and fast
for an early spring morning.

Deeper slower bottomed
winter holding areas will be
the ticket for success.

Depending on how badly I am worn out I will be fishing with Zach on Sunday.
We will be targeting wintering places for spinners on Sunday.

Slow deep bends with thermals near.

Some slow
log jam busting
to awaken sleeping giants
is always fun on opener weekend.