Hello, I just discovered several new Daiwa rods announced Jan 4, 2015 on the tenkarakebari website. Not all of them are Tenkara rods. And I haven't had time yet to sort out the translation to gain a clearer understanding of what all is being talked about. However, it is clear that there is a new line of entry level. low priced Tenkara rods called テンカラRT , Tenkara RT that comes in 4 lengths from 2.7m to 3.6m. I am not yet certain but they seem to have been developed with the assistance of 片山悦二さん ( Katayama Etsuji-san) who I know was involved with development of Daiwa level lines, and perhaps also with previous level line Tenkara rods.

Anyway, for now here are the links to the tenkarakebari blog post and the Daiwa webpage for the Tenkara RT rods. There is also mentioned a Tenkara Type 4 rod, which I haven't quit figured out yet. Maybe I will look into it more later. It could be that the Tenkara Type 4 is the same thing as the Tenkara RT, though I did not see it on the Daiwa page, or could be showing up under the Neo page, since Neo is mentioned at the top of the Tenkara RT page too. Though my guess is the Tenkara Bum is out ahead of this and thus far keeping it under his hat.

The tenkarakebari post:

The Daiwa pages:
Tenkara RT

Oh, wait. I think these are new Neo rods:

Main Rod page, where you can see the ones marked "New", in Red,

The other rods mentioned in the tenkara kebari pages are these rods:

◎渓流・源流  19TYPE (mountain stream - headwaters)
◎本流     10TYPE ( main stream)
◎ゼロ釣法   5TYPE (zero fishing method)
◎ハエ・万能竿 6TYPE (fly (a type of fish, Hae) - universal pole)
◎テンカラ竿  4TYPE (tenkara pole)