I have a 12' Tenkara rod that I bought from Three Rivers Tenkara; threeriverstenkara.com/. I have used it on some spring creeks here in IA and on a trip last fall to CO. Most people starting out use a line (without tippet) the length of the rod or 2' + longer than the rod. Anthony Naples, who owns Three Rivers Tenkara fishes a lot of small streams in western PA. His blog Casting Around;castingaround.anthonynaples.com/ has some good reads on it. And I know he would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Chris Stewart aka Tenkara Bum, who frequents this forum, is also an excellent resourse. He also fishes small streams and would be an excellent resourse. tenkarabum.com/

Good luck! Tenkara is a lot of fun.