I cannot tell you when I was learning to tye flies 32 years ago how many pattern books I bought. I had pattern books for nymphs,, dry Flies, Streamers and my favorite Wet Flies. I remember sitting at my kitchen table way back when thumbing through those pattern books to find the next fly I would tye and fish with. Now at 52 years old I barely crack a book and just sit down at my tying desk and tye flies. The only book that I crack open for patterns anymore is my Ray Bergman books. There are some patterns that I see others tye on this web site that I want to know the pattern for because I feel the fly looks cool and I want to give the fly a try for fishing. I am at the point in in my tying where I love to tye creatively or tye artistically at times. When I am in a creative mood is when I tye modified patterns of flies (Mostly Wet Flies) that I feel will work on the streams I fish. When I am in the artistic mood my really beautiful married wing classic wet flies get tyed and do not stop for hours. When I feel I need a challenge and want to express myself more I tye classic Salmon Flies. It seem now a days that only Classic wing wet flies and Salmon flies is the only pattern books I look at any more. I own over three hundred books in my Library and only look at a handful any more for tying. Any one else like this on this web site.