This post is not about which brand of vise you use. This post is about which vise do you use and why. Please allow me to share my response:

I have gone back to basics and simplicity. I use to tye on True rotary vises and only use the rotary function to turn the fly to look at the other side. I also hated on one particular rotary vise that I had to make and adjustment to allow a hook to be in a true rotary axis. I also found that my hands were cramped a bit on certain tying aspects of a true rotary vise. So that is the reason I switched over to my Standard HMH vise and have been very happy with it since I did. I like the minimal adjustment needed , Plenty of room for my hands to work and I can still rotate the fly to look at the other side easily like a true rotary. Most important of all is it hold hooks securely.

Now if I didn't tye saltwater flies, Bass Flies and Salmon flies I would have stayed with my old Thompson Pro II pedestal vise. My vise now that I Own allows me to change the jaws out in 30 seconds to work on the bigger flies or change out the jaws for midges and the standard jaw for normal size flies. I finally found a vise that is right for me.

Please understand that when I talk about my vise it's because it suites my needs and I am very comfortable with it. So now the question again. So why do you use the vise you do?