You would think that someone was beating our favorite puppy

The written word with such short space to put it in lacks much when compared to the face to face communication. Keep that in mind.

Marco ... Good points. And a lot of them are even spot on.

Neil stated this is not going to change to a pay to play site, and frankly that model wouldn't work anyway.

We are working on some things to keep the lights blazing. But frankly, the BEST thing that you all can do is to be more active. Money is nice, but donations are a stop gap solution at best, and don't solve the problems. What is needed is people willing to step up and contribute.

Write something. Send it in. Promote the site to others. Really. It's that simple. The fly fishing sport needs fresh blood. FAOL articles are quite extensive and helpful for the newbie.

Want to save your favorite haunt? Share it with others. It's really that simple.. Share and contribute.
If readership goes up, advertising dollars will eventually follow, and others will contribute. No one wants to advertise or contribute to a site that only a few old timers still use.

In the meantime we have some things to try. FAOL is NOT in danger of closing anytime soon. But in the spirit of what FAOL has always stood for, Neil was letting you all know changes were coming, and why.

I recommend turning on your favorite music, pouring a tall glass of your favorite poison (egg nog for me), and dust off some of them old gray cells, and think how you can contribute.