I am in the process of unpacking and putting away all my fly tying Materials. I went to Home Deport and bought a 9 Cube cabinet system that you will find in the Closet storage section. It's cost $79.00. Then you have to buy the cube basket insert at $9.99 a piece. Now I have a ton of paired Duck and goose quills for my wet fly tying. This cube system has given me more room and easy access to get to my Duck and goose quills. 9 cubes are all filled with 9 colors and was the best investment for me and has helped me organize 90% of my paired quills. Just thought I would mention this be cause I see other uses for fly tying as well. I am a wet fly tyer and have an enormous amount of paired duck and goose quills in 11 different colors. So this system was just perfect for me. The best part is the quills fit nicely and do not get damaged like they did some times in my chest of drawers (Packed in and some got crushed). I will take pictures in a little while of it as soon as I unpack my camera. I haven't figured out what box it is in yet LOL.