Well Last night I finally unpacked and cleaned and shelved all my fly tying books in the Book case last night. Never realized the time it takes to unpack, clean. organize and shelf 150 books. Now I will be working on unpacking all the fly tying material. This is going to be a major choir. I have bought some new cabinets and I really want to get myself organized far as where the materials are. Before I would have things here and there and would wind up looking for something and not finding it and then go out and buy it. I found out when I packed how many triplicate things I had because of this. I am hoping to be completed in about two weeks and ready to finally sit down and tye. I have not been this excited about tying in a long, long time. Also can't wait to use my new Granite base for my vise. I think this change has really been good for me and now look forward to just tying again.