My best friend has a Nu Canoe. I helped him pick it up, and we've gone out in it a few times. For just fishing, it is a good platform, but they are a handful in fast water...slow and un-manueverable...a lot like a raft. You can, of course, put a motor on them, if you like, and just stay in lakes, and slow water (but how much fun is that????). On the good side, if you can manage to hang on and stay in the boat, they are pretty much unsinkable, and uniflippable. The only way to turn one over is on purpose, and that takes a lot of work. They bounce off of rocks with no trouble at all. I guess you could knock a hole in one, but so far, my friend had been unable to accomplish this, despite numerous white-water episodes. Personally....I'll stick with my kayaks.