I am not the expert on Nucanoe that WarrenP is, but I have a 10 ft. Frontier, which I have had for about a year or a little more. I sold a 14 ft. jon boat to buy the Nucanoe, because the jon boat was a hassle for me to get from the back of my house to my pickup. I am realist enough to know in my late 60's I am not apt to get stronger or more agile, so I wanted a craft easily handled that I would drown myself in. It is a very stable craft for its size. I also wanted the ability to fish upstream in the Chattahoochee River which is my local trout water, as well as local lakes. It travels well in the back of my Ford Ranger, protruding a couple of feet beyond the tail gate. Not being a previous user of plastic boats, I have taken a little get used to using it. I have so far only travelled a half mile or so upstream on the Hooch because a small waterfall at that point. It is very customizable to your needs or desires. I cannot compare it to other crafts, because I haven't used them. It would be excellent for a lot of the state park and game & fish lakes, oxbow in Mississippi and some of the stream in south Mississippi. I would love to get on Black Creek down around Brooklyn (south of Camp Shelby) or Red Creek around Perkinston or the Bogue Chitto or the Okatubba around Collins. I can see easing along the lilypads of the Natchez Trace in Ross Barnett. I like mine.

Since we are talking Mississippi “How about them Dawgs!!!”