It is true that midges will hatch during winter months (let's define winter months as from December to February for this chapter) and trout will rise. If one hits it right, one can have superb dry-fly fishing for a short while. Conditions we wish for are: no wind and slightly warm (around freezing point 32F or 0C is warm enough for die-hard local anglers). Then some of readers may speculate that I'm fishing at Livingston's spring creeks. Spring creeks are ice-free and water temperature is slightly higher than Yellowstone River. Yes, I fish DePuy's Spring Creek (www.depuyspringcreek.com) with a winter pass (as I wrote in a series last year). But also, I do hit the Yellowstone River during winter months when conditions are right. Over the last couple of winters, I've been observing something interesting to note. I came up with a comparison.