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Thread: "Elk" Hair Caddis tied with "Deer" hair???

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    Default "Elk" Hair Caddis tied with "Deer" hair???

    Good morning,
    I was tying some green butted Elk Hair Caddis this morning, and was thinking of how few caddis patterns, these days, actually use elk hair.
    I have my single reason that I usually use deer hair on caddis patterns, and am wondering if it is the same reason most don't use elk hair for their caddis patterns?

    Just a couple examples, the CDC & Elk is tied with CDC & Deer. The X-Caddis is tied with deer, on and on. I'm sure a few folks will say they always use elk, but certainly the vast majority of commercial tiers use deer hair for most caddis patterns.

    What's your reason for choosing deer hair over elk hair.

    This is actually elk hair............

    And, thinking of Al Troth:

    Often, he is remembered only as the originator of the EHC.
    Here is a picture of a plate of flies he tied which hangs in Blue Ribbon Flies.

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