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    Well the little Lady and I are moving to a new home and I started the boxing. I went and taken my flytying desk and 4 storage cabinets apart and cannot believe how much fly tying material I have aquired in 10.5 years at this house. Now we are moving from a three bedroom 1 bathroom ranch to a four bedroom 2 bathroom ranch and have finally include that dining room we always wanted. So my home has incresed from a 1270 sq ft home to 1700 sq foot home. I am excited and will now have a 100% dedidcated flytying and music room. The wife will have her scrapbooking and arts & Ccrafts room and I will have a new home office and will have to add book shelves for the fly tying library. So back to the boxing I realized last night that I have enough Duck Quills in every color to tye enough wet flies for the next five years. I have more Danvill floss than you can imagine and will never need another spool and have multiple of every color made for life. I found spools of Japanese silk floss that was hid and realize I got everything I need for Salmon flies. I found more dubbing all over the place and realized I do not need to buy anything at all when it comes to dubbing. I basically found this to be the case in a ton of supplies for Dry Flies, Streamers and so on. I was amazed what I truly owned and realized I do not need to buy anything else except a few pheasent tails. I did realize I will need at least two new cabinets to store all my supplies away in a neat and handy fashion. I always knew I had a good batch of materials but never in my wildest dreams had that much. I consider myself blessed and lucky and can not wait to put the new tying room together in the fall after all the painting and carpeting is installed and completed. i plan to make this new tying and Music room to be beutiful, relaxing and most of all organzied since I get the time to do it correct from the start instead of adding here and there throughout the years. So if any of you guys ever want to know how much material you have, MOVE. You will find out quickly as you box it.
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