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    I have always wanted a Drift Boat but storage is a pain. We had a 14' Aluminum which I just sold.
    With that money, I bought the NFO Drifter. It is 14' long with the drop stitch floor like a SUP. It weighs around 89 lbs so two people can carry this.
    We got to use it this last weekend in Idaho. It was shallow and slow moving water but we got the feel for this boat. We skated over 2" of water. I got to row and I absolutely love it.
    We are hooked! want to take baby steps however, so it will be the easier waters to get started. I am dying to float the Green.
    We did have one day float while in Idaho that brought back the old Harley days. Total down pour with marble sized hail! Baxter hid under a PFD, but there was an inch of water in the boat from all the rain (self bailing when the sun came out)
    I truly feel I have been missing out on a wonderful aspect of fishing. I just wish we had more big rivers closer.
    OH, did I mention, this whole boat fit in the back of my Grand Vitara!

    Plus there is a Frame in the works similar to the Dragonfly XT

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    Baxter looks happy, he must be in charge of spotting the fish. Nice boat and a beautiful river.

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    Better keep Baxters nails clipped.......

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    Lovely, you both enjoy the outdoors and on a boat.
    I too purchased an inflatable and enjoy the small lakes on it.

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    Looks like a nice boat and some beautiful waters to spend some time on. I started kayak fishing a few years ago and it didn't take me long to realize that I had forgot what fishing was all about. I have enjoyed each fish I have caught while kayaking and I think you will enjoy each trip y'all take in your new boat. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


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