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Thread: Trailer Conversion for Yaks

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    Default Trailer Conversion for Yaks

    Well, an Electrician friend hooked me up with some steel Unistrut and a box full of spring nuts, washers and connectors last Fall.
    I finally moved the trailer into the garage and have started to work out the plans to bunk my Commander 120 over the Frontier 12. I stacked them last year and it worked but long term it was not desirable. If I can't talk a buddy into coming over with a sawsall, I will try to cut the pieces needed with a new blade in a hacksaw.
    First step was to paint them to match the trailer and Canadian Tire had rust paint in a colour that is almost an exact match.
    Lengths are now painted and the cutting begins.
    Measure once and cut twice?.......no wait...cut and then measure?......
    Measure twice and cut the cheese?..........I will get it right.

    to be continued................

    Last years stacked effort

    .................................................. ..........................

    Part 2.

    Hitch issues prevented me from a day out with Jben at a Kawartha lake this weekend so I put the time to good use and pretty much finished the rack on the trailer. I have a few places to touch up the paint and a few spots on the trailer to touch up but this puppy is solid. I may move the ratchet on the tongue since I don't use it with the Yaks and install a box of some type to carry PFD's and assorted gear. A piece of PVC on the rear horizontal may act as a roller and some pipe insulation or pool noodle to cushion are on the list.
    A bike rack on the side since the hitch is in use and Bob's my uncle.
    I priced out the materials at Home Depot and Lowes and I guess there is about $125.00 worth bolted on there.


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    Hey, it is good to see another FAOL member who is also on the NuCanoe Forum! I love what you done to the trailer. Job well done!
    Fly fishing and fly tying are two things that I do, and when I am doing them, they are the only 2 things I think about. They clear my mind.

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    Very nice design.I like the seat on the Yak Attack.

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    Nice work on the trailer.

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