A few new visitors this year. Spotted an Eastern Towhee, which I'd heard a few times in the neighbor's bushes and then this fellow showed up at one of the feeders

Rose-breasted Grosbeak; sorry you can't see the chest from the pic, but the shots I took thru the window were distorted by the screens and this was the only one I could get before he jumped. Usually only see them for a few days during the spring migration, so I was pretty happy.
Still wondering what's happening with warblers - before I headed to Montana, the only ones I saw were (tons of) Yellow-rumps, many of which are resident, Palms and a single Common Yellowthroat (never did see any Pines; I'm wondering if the extended cold weather we had late March-early April held them back so long that they bypassed the areas I've consistently found them). I come back 11 days later, expecting lots of new ones and all I've found are the Yellow-rumps and a big push of Palms; did hear something that sounded like a Black and White, but no visual. Hopefully everything's just been delayed due to weather.