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    Joined a couple friends at Tibble this morning. Reason, it was close and seemed like a great place to try out the Fuzion. Plus a chance to use the 2 wt and 3 wt rods.
    A little slow on the landing fish but they were hitting.

    The Fuzion was fantastic. VERY stable. I am sitting about 5" above the water but when rowing or kicking hard a little water found it's way to the seat. I wore my waist high waders and was good. But I was sitting out of the water.

    A thicker seat could cure this while not effecting the kicking at all.
    Rowing although different from other boats was easy and required very little movement.
    Now I hear all the time of people saying the bigger the boat the more effected by wind. Well this is about as thin as you can get but I was still fighting the wind. No big deal but I found it no different than my other boats.
    I did not use the fins on the bottom ( 3 clip on skegs)of the boat this trip and will be sure to try them next trip to compare.
    All in all, I love the boat and made it to my knees on it. Standing will take a little whileSmile
    Oh we put all the fish caught back

    Some mods made were Glue Ons for the Rod Tree and the Sonar
    For the Sonar, a Scotty glue on and an Aluminum plate compliments of Mojo. Then the bolt on Ram ball

    The Transducer is a 2" nylon strap with quick clips, an aluminum square tube, a 2" bolt and a wing nut to make tightening by hand easy. The Tube is longer because I also use this on my Assault.

    Then another Scotty glue on for my rod tree so I can take three rods or two and a GoPro
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