sorry, no experience with that. In my Kakak fishing, as with other things, I try to work hard at simplifying everything. The less crap hanging off or sticking out, the better. Some kayak fishermen I see have boats rigged to look almost comical-- fifteen rods sticking out at all angles, 5 camera mounts, transducer mounts, great huge rail mount console things, good lord. I use a scupper mount for my transducer, cables all inside the hull, then a removable mount in the center between my feet for the display. K.I.S.S. I'm not making a dig at you, but that is one of the many reasons why SOT kayaks seem to be much favored for fishing over SINKs. In my second Kayak, a Tarpon120, I have not mounted a finder. I use it more for river and creek fishing where I am in much less need of all that the finder does.