With opening trout season right around the corner I decided to check my leader wallet make sure I had enough furled leaders to get me through the season. My leaders usually last a couple of seasons so I do not look in my leader wallet that often. Low and behold my supply was very low in most of the weights that I furl. So.....yesterday I dusted off the old jig and pulled out my old electric drill and replaced my stash of leaders. Then it dawned on me... where do all my leaders go? I did not us up 80% of my leaders last season so I guess I must have given away the majority of my leaders. I have a feeling that this is true for many furlers. Between my sons, nephews and other fishing buddies, I probably give away 80-90% of the leaders I furl. I have a feeling that this is true for most furlers. Do you give away more leaders then you use for yourself?