I was able to try out one of the leaders you sent me. I used the "Big Fly" 2-5wt leader on my 2 wt rod. Your leader definitely out preforms mine. I was mainly nymphing with tungsten bead heads so turning over the fly was crucial. Your leader may stay on my 2 wt. for the rest of the season. Your leader turns over the heavy flies much better than mine. You are right about the fireline. It does need more density to get a better turn over....especially at closer distances. I was hoping for a midge hatch to see how it throws the light stuff but the midges did not show up in the windy conditions. I will try the lighter leader when I have a chance for some dry fly fishing next month. Your "moonlit" leaders are quality stuff and you have a right to be proud of them. The only advantage my leader had was that it does float better, but your leader with a little floatant solves that problem. Thanks for making me re-evaluate my leaders. Now I have a new standard for comparison.