Here is what I did to install the tippet rings: I found a crochet needle that the tip was small enough to go through the ring and then slid the tipett ring onto the crochet needle, hooked the loops of one leg before twisting with the crochet needle, lifted those loops off the peg, slid the tippet ring down the crochet needle and over the loops onto that leg. You can then twist that leg to the 10% plus the other leg. Once both legs are twisted, you can slide the tippet ring down the leg to be at the tippet end of the leader and use the installed tippet ring as the hook up for your weights and allow the leader to furl. Once furled, you only need to put a shorb loop at the butt end and your furled leader with a tippet ring is ready to fish. Hopefully, this is clear enough for you to do it. There are other ways to install a tippet ring, but this is the way I do it. I also install a very small swivel on the tippet end of some of my furled leaders. Jack got me started on that. : )