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    Default Different Approach

    I came across the following through a search for furled leaders. Has anyone tried the author's approach?


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    Hi Ron, thanks for checking out my site...

    I've been making my leaders that way for a few years now with a lot of success. I've been slacking of late in creating the 3rd and final part of that tutorial on how to make the actual leader, I might try and get that done in the next week or so.

    If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.

    Again, thanks for checking out the site, hope you enjoyed.

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    I can assure you that Jason's approach to this is quite effective and works very well. I have the exact same setup and have done quite a few using it. While the 3 stage of the tutorial is still to come, I have an inside track to it, as Jason is also a close friend of mine, and have received first hand instruction on them.

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    I built your jig for a 5 step leader, and am interested in reading your 3rd tutorial. I am having trouble locating a Conair Hair Braider because it appears they are no longer being made. Does anyone have an online source, or a similar version from another company? Great site and thanks for sharing your approach.

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    The hair braiders are usually available on Ebay, pretty much clones of the ConAir ones from China. I don't see any currently online, but I'd keep checking. They are usually up there for about $15 or so.

    The hair braider is really the tool that makes furling them up (regardless if you use my pvc jig or not) super simple. You get even turns clockwise, and then a powered furl counter clockwise of both strands. And if your ends loosen up a little as its furling, you can hit "1" again and add some more twist in to tighten things up at the butt end.

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    Interesting ... saw a pic of Ron's now I understand more about it.

    Any links to the tippet rings on ebay would be appreciated.

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    BTW..you can remove the handle from the hair braider and chuck the axle of the exposed gear into a hand drill or whatever....that's how the fellow, Jim Williams, did/does it...[he has instructions on his website on how to do it]. I liked the variable speed better and of course the drill can be reversed.....having said that I only made a couple of leaders with it and moved on to a different motorized method....so what do I know
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    Quote Originally Posted by RJD31 View Post
    Thank you namesake ... ordered and they arrived today. Those tippet rings are small!

    I've been chewing over this design and have a couple of ideas I want to attempt as a space-saver version


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