I was asked if I would do a post on three strand leaders and lines by John Scott, as to the advantages of them versus the traditional two strands we normaly use. First advantage that is a smoother taper, transfering energy better giving a better presentation. They are denser and rounder than their two strand cousin as well. This helps loading and cutting through the wind much better. An advantage that some may say is the greatest advantage of all, because they hate the spring like coil effect of a snagged furled leader. I haven't really experienced this much since furling my own leaders and line, but did with the first ones I had bought. Three strand leaders/lines are less springy and don't recoil leaving you in a mess. Just the appereance of the line its self is very different to look at. I had my motor made so that it was more durable and last a long time, as I'm selling these and make a high volume. The motor has four hooks on it that I use to furl. Three of which go the same direction, and the fourth going the opposite direction to do the actual furling. Here is a picture of my motor set up I use.

I set up my posts just the same as I do on my outside legs when making the two strand lines and leaders. The middle strand is put in between the posts on the outside to give it the perfect smooth taper. This is a Silk Tenkara Line I made for Jason Klass who reviewed it.

Tight Lines,


.furling motor.jpg