I finally cracked open the piggy-bank and purchased an Onyx Auto-Inflating PFD. The only downside is that I wish I had done it long ago.
On my first day out with it I put it on as I was launching the boat, wore it all day and when I got home that afternoon I realized that I still had it on.
I hesitated for a long time because I am a bit rotund and I thought the strap running around the biggest part of my belly would be uncomfortable.
The answer to that is - Nope. It lays flat on my shoulders and down each side of my chest. It never got in the way and as I said I forgot that I was even wearing it. I bought it at a local shop and with an extra rearming kit was just a bit less than $150.

Note: I am a bit of a tightwad and when I am happy spending that kind of money for something I don't HAVE to have is quite and endorsement.