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    It's against the law to run any of the rivers around here without wearing an approved PFD, and I do mean wearing it. They will pull you off the water, and write you a $100.00 ($250.00 for a minor) ticket for not wearing one. In the lakes and larger rivers, it's OK just to have a PFD on board for everyone, but on the Ocoee, Conasauga, Hiawassee, Oconee (in other words, rivers with rapids), you'd better have it on. They don't play around with this rule.

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    It depends on where I am fishing. If the water is "dangerous" I use a large Stohlquist Fisherman which is very bulky, but very safe.
    If I am in protected water I use an old vest type PFD that I have had for a long while.
    I fish a lot of small waters, ponds and watersheds mostly and the smaller makes me feel fine.
    I am seriously considering a SOSPenders.
    There is a local Canoe & Kayak group in this area and it amazes me how many of them run the rivers (no white water) with no PFD.
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