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Thread: Where would you like to launch your lightweight watercraft.

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    Default Where would you like to launch your lightweight watercraft.

    This is about sharing information I found on a local fishing forum with a link to the paddling.net website for a map on where you can launch your yak or canoe or similar watercraft.
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    Thanks for sharing that with us Uncle Jesse.
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    Good info, thanks for the link.

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    If you're on Facebook, see if there's a kayak group in your area. I'm a member of one of the kayak groups for Oklahoma that's on FB. We trade a lot of info.

    I will even do some "satellite recon" using Google Earth. However, nothing truly beats eyes on the spot. Of course, all the exploring can be fun, as well.

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    check out ACK.com (Austin Canoe and Kayak), believe there is a link somewhere on their website that is similar to what you posted.

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    I use paddling.net all the time.

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