I caught my FIRST fish on a fly rod earlier today , a 5" sunfish, on a black sponge spider with white legs on my home lake. Was using my TFO 8'6" Pro special with an Orvis Clearwater reel. The little bugger had been slapping at the spider for several minutes, guess I ticked him off enough throwing it back at him time and time again he finally gave in. Had several other slaps/misses but no more hook ups with the fly rod. No pics, left the phone in the truck, but I'll remember how he looked for a long time. Also caught a 10" bass while shooting some docks close by.

I took my Ride 115 today to see if I could FF from the yak, and had watched a couple of utube videos and picked up some pointers on that, and the tips seem to work for me anyways. I even got brave enough to attempt to stand up in yak, and was successful in standing up AND no tipping over either. I still have some learning to do on the standing up part, well, on the FF'g as well, but I'm gonna mark this day down as successful.