So I traded some work from one of my cousins who is also a dear friend for a Tenkara Rod from Tenkara-Fisher, furled line, flies, and a few other accesories. all the necesities to get started. He had never fly fished before, just lures. He has gone three times, once with me where he hooked into a good sized fish before losing it. This morning he couldn't sleep so he got up and went to the local fishing pond to fish. Funny thing is there were about a dozen people fishing there this morning, a couple of them fly fishing. While he was there they caught about 3 fish in total. He lost the first 5 he hooked into before he figured out how to set and land them, and then proceeded to land 20 fish! I have to say he is now hooked and ordered a second rod already. I love to see people having success and wanting to be more involved. Oh yes before I forget, he was using a blue Kebari to.

Tight Lines