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    Default stone fly SBS

    hello guys,

    i apologize for the last attempt at this.... in my defense, my computer puffed magic white smoke that day... anyway, new computer, second attempt....

    here is what you'll need:

    hook: flip rocks, decide what is best for your needs
    weight: several wraps of lead
    thread: black, i like heavier thread for nymphs
    head: gold tungsten bead
    tail and legs: black goose biot
    abdomen: black wire
    thorax: hairline black dubbing
    wing case: pheasant tail died black

    ok, lets get started....

    place your bead on hook, make several wraps with the lead, i usually goto about where i want the abdomen to end...

    next, start your thread, capture and cover the lead, place two biots on either side of the hook, i try to keep a nice arching shape following the hook..

    tie in your wire, thicken up the body if desired, just remember to have a slight taper from the mid point...

    wrap the wire forward, notice i stopped about the hook tip, conveniently enough, that where the lead stops...

    tie in your second set of biots, i try and get the tips even with the bottom on the hook eye.. probably not important to do, im just nuts i guess!

    stay tuned for part two...
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