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    My hubby and I bought a couple of these new boats by Dave Scadden. They are 8' long and 52" wide give or take an inch.
    It is made out of a new material. Heart Valve material. So while being strong, it is super light as well. That is what interest us more than anything. Some where around 12 lbs.
    It is about a foot shorter that the Renegade.
    Now some specifics:
    There is a NEW Bravo Valve. It seems a lot stronger. So if ordering be prepared for this. Deflated it almost sounds like crumpling paper...LOL.
    The D rings are plastic, not sure on this idea yet myself as my motor mount attaches to these. Time will tell.
    Foot bar, it is out farther now, I really like this. Legs straight out for rowing.
    New bags, with a choice of Blue or Red top. They are insulated as well.
    New seat too. With a choice of red or blue on the accent. Also comes with a really nice stripping apron.
    Here it is:

    NOTE: This is with the seat, bags and oars

    Here is hubby on his. He is 6'3" and around 220

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