Ok folks, I received the Kathy Scott CD that was sent from a fellow forum member (thanks for that one. It was actually so long ago I've forgotten who it was that sent it.)

At any rate, I don't know when I will be able to craft the jig... my questions are these:

1) 10 lb mono... yea or nay?

2) Does the jig HAVE to be 12 ft. long?

3) ... should I just buy the darn things? I want something that I can beat the CRAP out of. I don't take care of my line, and I want to use it to attach some bite tippet for northern, as well as bluegill/bass/cats. Something well rounded.

4) Speaking of tying on.... with the loops on the end, what's the best connection to use when doing "tippet"? Again, my tippet is 10 lb. mono. I'm cheap. And what length?

Thanks for all the help.