I saw a pattern in a magazine of a larva pattern that was tied by twisting doubled strips of rubber glove with dubbing between the strips and wrapping the resultant rope around the hook. The dubbing protrudes from between the wraps and it looks very buggy. It had a peacock herl head. The last time I was at the proctologist rather than let good tying material go to waste, okay not really I got a glove at the dentist, I obtained a glove and tried cutting it into uniform strips with scissors. Not really successful to my satisfaction. I knew our church had a paper cutter in the copy room. I took the glove and one Sunday after taking care of my responsiblities I used the paper cutter. Very easy to get good uniform strips that way. I think it would have been even better had I inserted a stiff piece of cardboard in the glove.

While I enjoy see the SBS and flies tied by Scott, Byron and Hans, I love getting in the minds of everyone and learning the little things you do that are not commonly discussed. So do like Mama said, SHARE!