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    Default Would you want to know?

    Here's the deal.

    There's a fellow who posted here and on a couple of other boards I post on. He claimed to be a young guide, student, father and a good Christian. He and I had one transaction through the classifieds on another site, that went pretty well. Instead of selling him the rod had I listed in that deal, I ended up trading my nearly new four piece Sage Fli for his well used T.F.O Finesse, knowing he was strapped for time and cash. Why would I do that? Read on...

    Some months later I had another fly rod listed in the classifieds. There was some interest in it by others, but he contacted me and asked if he could purchase it. Again, he was currently short on funds. None the less, having been a young married guide myself ( eons ago ) , I decided to reject the other cash offers I'd received, deciding instead to either sell it to him at a reduced rate or let him tie flies equal to that sum to work off the debt. He chose the latter.

    Well you can guess what happened next, right?

    The last time he corresponded with me was on 5/ 16 / 2011 when he said he was getting to work on those flies. He acknowledged the receipt of the rod, as confirmed by the U.S.P.S.
    I still have all the shipping documentation and I've kept a file of all of our correspondence.

    Over the months that followed he shunned my emails, P.M.s and letters to his home address.
    Since that date, he's only signed on to these sites, but he's not posted a thing to any of the three boards he was previously active on.
    He made somethng less than fifty posts here over a three year period, many of those to the classifieds. Some here will likely remember him, although they may not have noticed that he's stopped participating on the forum.

    Today, I see he has become active again with his first post since back in May of 2011.

    This is not about sicking the post office on him or ever hoping to get him to make good with either the flies or the equivalent funds that would relieve his debt. The time for that has past.

    My only question is this.
    Now that he thinks it safe to climb back out from under the rock he's been hiding under. Would you, a reader of FAOL want to be warned if he was becoming active again here, either on the bulletin boards or in the classifieds?

    Thanks all, Dave
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